Our Logistic Services

Direct Drive Delivery

Our Direct Drive Delivery ensures swift and direct transportation of your packages to locations throughout Canada.

After Hours Delivery

Our After Hours Delivery service caters to your urgent delivery needs during non-business hours, ensuring your packages reach their destination on time.

Rush Delivery

With our Rush Delivery service, we guarantee same-day delivery to Barrie and surrounding areas within 90 minutes of placing your request.

Same Day Delivery

Experience the convenience of our Same Day Delivery service, ensuring your documents or packages are delivered in Barrie before the end of the business day.

Next Day Delivery

For affordable and timely delivery, our Next Day Delivery service ensures your documents or packages are delivered within Barrie by the end of the next business day.

Local Delivery

Trust our Local Delivery services to meet your rush delivery needs in Barrie and surrounding areas, offering both standard and rapid delivery options.

Staying ahead of the COVID-19 situation

1. Rigorous Safety Measures: We strictly adhere to health authority guidelines, implementing robust safety protocols to protect our customers and staff.

2. Contactless Deliveries: Our contactless delivery options minimize direct contact, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for all.

3. Real-time Tracking: Stay informed with our advanced tracking systems, receiving real-time updates on your packages’ status and location.

4. Adaptability: We adjust our operations to comply with changing COVID-19 restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted service while prioritizing safety.

5. Dedicated Support: Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any concerns or questions, providing prompt assistance throughout the pandemic.

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